Peace of Mind / Fixed Cost

Based on monthly retainer

We act on your behalf as a virtual procurement function and a lot more.

Your suppliers will engage with us on commercial and contractual matters freeing up your time to focus on your day job.

For a monthly fee which is a fraction of the cost of a full time procurement professional you will benefit from all of our procedures;

  • Discover & analyse your spend data
  • Define requirements
  • Negotiate with your suppliers using our market data
  • Online tender powered by for more strategic, higher value purchases
  • Review contracts and negotiate best in market terms
  • Best practice processes and policies
  • Day to day purchasing support using specific industry buyers with no less than 10 years procurement experience

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Onsite onhand / Pay as you go

Based on daily rate

Our dedicated service helps companies manage strategic projects more effectively. We provide the comfort and assurance of guaranteed expertise onsite when you need it.

We will agree with you the right expertise to support your project from the outset allowing you to budget for the right resource to deliver the right result.

Our team manage projects from discovery through to implementation.

We can also draft policies, procedures and best practice guidelines specifically tailored to help your employees use and purchase company goods and services more effectively.

To help our clients we use Bridge templates to keep document drafting to a minimum.

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No risk / No saving no spending

Based on savings

Gain share appeals to companies that want cost savings but are often not familiar with the full potential of procurement’s capability. Our service is a perfect opportunity for us to demonstrate our value and for you to reward us when you start benefiting from savings.

We do not charge a penny until the project is complete. Rest assured our gain share model never favours price over quality, reliability and service.

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Training your team

Based on course fees

We offer highly interactive internal workshops that help your employees purchase and sell company goods and services more effectively.

We help buyers and sellers understand the end to end procurement process. Buyers become more effective at interacting with sellers and sellers become more effective at interacting with buyers.

Our workshops are tailored to suit your spend profile, industry, employee and client type.

We spend time to ensure that the workshop delivers true value. We charge a fixed fee that is typically a fifth of the cost of sending an employee to an external course.

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So what do they say?
Bridge have a refreshing and flexible approach to how they charge. We started on a gain share but quickly worked out that we would benefit further from their managed service.
Phil Fitzgerald (Director) - Software One