So who are we?

We are a procurement consultancy with years of experience in helping the sellers of this world make money, and the buyers of this world save money.

By interacting with buyers and sellers every day, we are perfectly placed to help you draft, review and manage your tenders better.

So what’s our process?

Our extensive benchmark data and pricing means we know what is a competitive price. Our buyers have expert knowledge of their industries helping to understand your suppliers and market trends.

We define requirements, source suppliers, run tenders, evaluate best offers, negotiate the best deals and then draft the contract on your behalf. Bridge typically reduces client’s operating costs by at least 10% without compromising quality or service.

We also offer strategic bid advice to your sales teams giving recommendations on how you can improve your bids, and engage more effectively with procurement. With a procurement background rather than a sales background, we know what prospective buyers and their industry are looking for in a proposal.

About our founder...
Phil Machin, Managing Director

After 15 years of supporting and building global procurement functions within the
telecommunications and retail industry, Phil founded Bridge Procurement in April 2013.
Phil has personally helped a number of fast growing organisations become more
profitable by improving procurement and sales processes, contracts, and policies to
make client and supplier engagement more efficient and productive. Today, our buyers
are committed to improving commercial engagement between blue chip organisations
and SMEs, helping our clients become more profitable.
So what do we do best?
So who do we work with?
So what do they say?
Bridge Procurement helped to up skill my employees enabling them to purchase more effectively. This resulted in improved cash flow, and discounts of up to 50% being negotiated by my employees. Bridge were also engaged to provide Fast Track Tendering for hosting services which led us to be able to save £30,000 a year (a 20% reduction) with our preferred supplier’s pricing whilst ensuring a sound contract was put in place. Bridge offered great expertise and I would not hesitate to recommend them to other potential clients.
Steve Dineen (CEO) - Fuse