Perfecting current

We renegotiate current supply contracts to ensure they are market competitive and reward loyalty - helping you to continue buying what you’ve always needed, but for less.

Drafting new
supplier contracts

We source from inside and outside our trusted pool of suppliers so we know what suppliers will agree to from the outset. You will have the assurance that you are in safe hands, benefiting from the longevity of a perfectly crafted agreement.
So what do we ensure?
  • Cost Saving

    Our contracts ensure that you are leveraging your spend in the good times and the bad. Benefiting from the best discounts even through times of low purchase activity.
  • Future Proof

    Our contracts combine flexibility with longevity to allow you the freedom of confident growth into the future - always with the knowledge that you have safe spending
  • Service Levels

    Our contracts incentivise suppliers to deliver and give you the peace of mind that if a supplier is unable to fulfil their promise of quality or reliability, you will have the upper hand to either request money back, demand service credits or terminate the contract.

Common risks

Who reads the small print? We do, and from our experience supplier contracts typically have no ability to terminate for convenience, limited warranties, do not offer support or defend you if something goes wrong with the goods or services purchased. The list goes on.

Supplier contracts typically pass all of the risk onto the customer; unless you challenge it you have accepted it.
So what do they say?
We selected Bridge because of their in depth category knowledge, procurement experience and their track record for reducing costs.
Chris Lee (CFO) - Jellyfish Group Ltd